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Lynx is proud to introduce our latest expansion with a new CS: GO team filled with an exciting lineup of fresh talent. This includes the battle hardened ‘Llamas’ and ‘Swayde’ both of which have been playing for the past 2 seasons competitively with strong results; top 16 in CGA as part of ‘Team Defy CS’ during their first season and coming 2nd on the CGA ladder undefeated. They are accompanied by the newbies: ‘Micalis, ‘Sackk’, ‘Vanilla’ and are now competing in the CGM during the commencing season after getting through the CGM ‘Fight for your invite’ tournament. We managed to get a few words from the relatively new team who had shown great maturity in their responses.


What are the teams strengths and weaknesses, and what unique attributes do you bring to the scene?


The strength of our team is definitely firepower. Our three main fraggers: ‘Micalis’, ‘Sackk’ and ‘Llamas’ have a very high skill ceiling; however what we lack is experience in teamplay, since the five of us have only been playing together for 1 to 2 months. Teamplay is the thing we need to improve the most, after which our skill at the game should begin to flourish. None of us consider our team to be awfully unique, as we are still developing greatly match-to-match. However in terms of myself [Swayde], I would like to see my team play a style of CS more comparable to some European teams, rather than the fast all-or-nothing playstyle of a lot of the Oceanic teams. At the end of the day we are still very new to the scene, and have a lot of work to do in developing our own style.


Now that you have been taken under an org, what are your goals for the future?


This season we have qualified to play in [the] Cybergamer Main tournament, which is the first of their three invite leagues. Although it is a very high goal, we would like to compete in [the] finals in our first season of CGM, and be in a position where we can qualify for Cybergamer Intermediate in the next 3 to 4 seasons.


The future looks bright for this team as they work together during the upcoming weeks to build on their previous success; improving synergy and teamwork; polish game mechanics and knowledge, and #UnleashTheWild.

LX Fenrir

LX Fenrir

LX Fenrir

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