Trials for 2018 | Split 1

Mon 25th Sep 2017 - 9:51pm Gaming



  • Challenger/Master (Current or past)
    • This proves that you have dedicated enough time to the game to achieve this rank and can show the same determination to improving your competitive gameplay.
  • Willing to play
    • Put in a large number of hours in both solo Q and team practice

  • Willing to learn & improve
    • Learn new meta champions while also looking to continually improve on existing champions.

Trial Structure

  • Stage 1 - Invitation to Discord [Part 1]Upon completion of Application
    • You will be given a link to a discord server after completing the Google form application.

  • Stage 2 - Invitation to Discord [Part 2] - [01-12-2017]
    • All players that meet the requirements will be given a role on discord and given a link to another discord. 

  • Stage 3 - Voice chat Interview [01-12-2017 until 03-12-2017]
    • We get to know a bit more about yourself and your ambitions moving forward as well as giving you a chance to ask questions that aren't answered by resources provided in the Discord(s).

  • Stage 4a - Assorted into teams (Random Generated) [04-12-2017]
    • We will use to generate random teams.

  • Stage 4b - Scrims using these teams [05-12-2017 until 08-12-2017] 
    • We will be looking at the way you communicate and play with players you are not comfortable with.

  • Stage 5a - Assorted into teams (Player & Staff decisions) [09-12-2017 until 10-12-2017]
    • Players will be able to approach staff with an intended premade (Maxing at 3)

    • We will fill in the premade groups with other players.

    • You will be given the weekend to research your direct opponent, this will be required within OCS / OPL so it is better to start now.

  • Stage 5b - Scrims using these teams [11-12-2017 until 15-12-2017]
    • We will be looking at the way you communicate and play with players you are comfortable with.

  • Stage 6 - Finalized teams (Staff  decision) [16-12-2017 until 17-12-2017]
    • We will hold discussions with remaining players to decide these teams as players may have conditions.

    • In the case of > 10 players remaining, we will look to have a few more games to further decide.

  • Stage 7 - Roster Announced
    • We will announce roster for OCS on Twitter throughout the week following Stage 6.

    • We will also be actively contacting players who weren't selected for OCS roster and deciding OOL rosters.

How to apply

Follow this link and complete the google form - Application Form





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